Study Skills for High School & Middle School Students

Study Skills are importnat. A girl carries her books to class but wishes she knew better study skills.Lily carries her books and notebooks on the first day of school, but she’s still worried. She knows how to read well enough, but she isn’t sure what it means to study. Lily hopes someone,  a teacher or maybe a new friend, will teach her how to study.

Breakthrough Learning
is an innovative NEW APPROACH TO LEARNING.

This website is divided into THREE MAIN SECTIONS:

  1. Learning Habits (often called Study Skills)
  2. Learning Skills (often called Study Skills)
  3. Study Skills including 20 useful study strategies for organizing information, thinking, and memory.

What is Breakthrough Learning?

Sun Breaks through the clouds on a dark day. Breakthrough learning is like the experience you might have on a dark stormy day when, suddenly, the sun breaks through the clouds and the rays of light shine through.

For some students, the subjects they are studying seem like being in the dark.  Powerful new study skills,  much like a light breaking through the darkness, can help you see a new path to learning.

Using the methods in Breakthrough Learning, students can learn faster, understand more, remember longer, make better grades, and enjoy learning.

Breakthrough Learning can help ALL STUDENTS improve learning skills.

High School Students

This site was created for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  Learn skills you need to succeed in High School and get an introduction to study skills for college or advanced High School Classes. There is even a section to help you to Be Prepared for College.

Middle School Students

Excited about Learning? Three students  are screaming "YES! We are excited about learning".Many MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS are ready to begin using these  skills.

The three students in the picture are all screaming “Yes!  Let’s get started.”

Daniel, the  older boy is the picture is struggling to keep up his grades in high school. He hopes to improve his grades so he can go to college. He has high hopes that these new strategies will make a difference.

Angela and Andy are both in middle school and enjoy learning. They think these new strategies sound like fun.

College Students

How is this site different from Breakthrough Learning for College Students?

1. This site has about half as many pages.
2. This site lists half as many strategies for Organizing Information, Thinking, and Memory.
3. This site does not include as much detail about the background research.
4. This site is less theoretical and more practical.

It’s a good place to start. When you want further information or other strategies, you can easily switch to the other website.

If you prefer to begin with the website for  College Students,  go to Breakthrough Learning for College Students.   High School Students taking advanced classes might also want to use the college website.

The next page is the Introduction: Seven Habits of Successful Students.

It is the first of the three main sections of the website.  Without these habits, strengthening  learning skills and understanding how to study will not be as effective.


Before you look at the next page, take paper and pen and list 5-15 habits  you think are important for successful students.

Making your own list helps you learn what you already know.  It  gets you actively involved and helps you  learn more.

When you finish your list, go to:       Seven Habits of Successful Students

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