About the Website

 About the Website

NOTE: This site is still being worked on. Please be patient.

High School Students, Middle School Students, and  College Students who prefer to start with the shorter and easier website before working on the College Website. Teachers, Parents and  Anyone else interested in Study Skills and Strategies is certainly welcomed.

If you want to see the College Website – useful to get further details on a topic, go to  www.breakthroughlearningcollege.com

THE PURPOSE OF THE SITE:  to help students

  •   Learn Faster
  •   Understand More
  •   Remember Longer
  •   and  Make Better Grades


Learning Disabilities:    This section is for and about students with Learning Differences or Learning Disabilities. Many students with learning disabilities can be extremely intelligent. They can  find many of these strategies to be helpful. Judy shares the story of her son, Tony, who is severely dyslexic. Though they were once told Tony might never learn to read or write, he was determined to go to college. Other students (or parents and teachers) are invited to share their stories.

Think College: Planning for college isn’t really part of study skills, but is certainly important to Most High School students. I urge Middle School Students to read this to. I began preparing for college in Middle School and it really helped.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Both this and the college website are based on a great amount of research including recent research on the brain and how our behavior affects the brain which then affects our ability to learn.

ABOUT THE PICTURES:  The photographs and a few diagrams used on the website are  from www.Dreamstime.com , and are copyrighted by the photographers.  It is illegal to copy these for use elsewhere.

THE  STORIES: The stories often used with the pictures are obviously not really about the person in the picture. Most of the stories are, however, about people Judy has known or read about – but with a few of the details changed.

USING THIS MATERIAL:  If you are interested in using any images or written material from this website please read   Terms of Use.

To learn more about these websites, read the introduction on the HOME Page.

The Symbolic Image   shows how the website is organized.

What is Breakthrough Learning?  explains the concept of Breakthrough Learning.

Links to Site  includes links to all the major pages. This will help you find a certain area you are looking for.

Terms of Use   for those who want to quote or use material from this website for their website or other purposes.


You are invited to write new pages or blogs for the website. And suggestions on ways to improve the website are always welcome. While I try to use the spell-checker before publishing a page, mistakes still sneak through. Please let me know if you find any problems so I can make corrections.

If you have corrections, suggestions or would like to write a page or blog, please email me  at [email protected]

When the main pages are finished, I will be adding the following:

Credits for photos, art, and various programs used to create this website.

Bibliography of books, websites and other sources used to create the website. it also includes recommended books.

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