Ask Judy

Ask Judy

Photo of Judy  First of all, I am NOT your mother or your teacher.
Please call me Judy.

 To Ask Judy a question,  Please include Four Details:

1. Your Name      2.  Your Age/grade
3. Your Location       4. Your Topic

Ask your question as clearly and briefly as you can. Try not to ask the same question someone else asked. The answer would probably be the same. Please do NOT use offensive or obscene language.

NOTE: After a period of several months, some older questions may be deleted to make space for new questions.  If I begin getting too many questions to answer, I will need to select the best and most important questions to answer.  If I have time later, I’ll try to answer the rest.  If necessary, I will edit your questions to correct spelling and grammar, to restate it more clearly, or to remove unacceptable language.

IFyour question is personal or not suitable for printing on the website,  email me at
jjfishel (at)  substituting the symbol for at.

YES, I will attempt to answer some questions not directly related to the website pages if the questions are relevant to students.  Obviously I won’t answer totally unrelated questions.

Kermit the Frog once said “It isn’t easy being green.” I don’t know anything about being green, but I know that being a student isn’t easy.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can be helpful.


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