Computer Output

Using Your Computer for Output

Most students already know how to use their computer for many things. You might just check to see if you need any further skills.

Writing Papers with a Computer

Gabriella is working on an essay on her computer. She is trying different fonts to see when one looks best. She knows she shouldn’t use a fancy font for class assignments. When she finishes thing she will set up a spreadsheet to keep track of her money. It will include the money she earns and how much she spends for different kinds of things. She knows she will spend less when she knows it will show up on her records.

Girl does spreadsheet on her computer.“Writing a paper with a compter? Some of you will ask, “Is there an other way ?”  Ask your parents how they wrote papers.

You might already know….

1. How to write an outline.

2. How to write a first draft, how to delete material you don’t want, add new material and use the “cut and paste” to move material from one place to another.

3. How to change your font and use different font sizes.

4. How to change your margins, the spacing between lines, and indentation for paragraphs.

5. How to align test left (normal) or right or centered.

6. How to save your work, find it again, and start a new page.

If you don’t know how to do these things, take a basic computer class.

Learn these before going to College or looking for a job

Learn more about Word Processing

1. How to add Tables, pictures, clip art, graphs and symbols like Ω or © .

2. How to find the number of words and reading level of your paper.

Learn About other Software including Excel

1. How to set up a spreadsheet with labels for different categories

2. How to set up a spreadsheet to use numbers or letters or money

3. How to sort the spreadsheet to put data in alphabetical or numerical order

4. How to use formulas to find a total, average, etc.

5.  How to use spreadsheet data to forms graphs

 Uses for Spreadsheets

You might use a spreadsheet to keep a record of your grades in different subjects and calculate your GPA.  You might use it to collect and analyze data from experiments. If you are dieting you might use a spreadsheet to record daily calories, minutes of exercise, and your weight. It’s always nice to see a graph with weight going down.

A spreadsheet is especially useful for developing and using a budget. You’d have income in one column, expenditures in a variety of categories  to see what you are spending money on. With formulas, you can add the expenditures together and then subtract expenditures from your income.

I also use spreadsheets to keep records of the birds my husband and I have seen, organized by locations and dates.  Once you begin using spreadsheets you will find many opportunities to use them.

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