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The final image is a fairly  typical concept map of the same information. You might also use an outline. As you’ll learn here, we can use different ways to organize information.

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Concept Map Breakthrough Learning HS by Judy Fishel

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Here, the order of the links is reversed. In the concept map, the introductory material is at the bottom.  It is the base for all other material.   Below, the introductory material is listed first because it seems  more natural to begin at the top of the page.


1.  Seven HABITS of Successful Students   

2.  Basic  Learning SKILLS      

A. Input Skills:  

 Reading         Note-taking         Listening     Computers

B. Output Skills: 

Writing           Test-taking          Speaking     Computers

 Apply Basic Skills: Study Tips by Subject

Math        Science         Social Studies         Literature        Languages       Arts

 3.  Study STRATEGIES : Mental Processing

A. Organizing Information           Verbal Strategies                

Learn with Outlines                  Learn with Summaries              Learn with Reading Notes 
Asking Better Questions           Learn with Explanations

 B.  Organizing Information         Visual Strategies              

Learn with Diagrams                          Learn with Concept Maps                Learn with Timelines
Learn with Compare and Contrast      Learn with Matrix Charts

C.                        Ways of Thinking 

Use Mathematical Thinking              Use Scientific Thinking            Use Critical Thinking
Use Creative Thinking                      Use  Strategic Thinking

 D.                     Ways of Memory

 Practical Memory               Rote Memory and Mnemonics
Remember with Senses       Relational Memory          Scheduled Reviews

Think College

(Read these NOW even if you’re still in middle school)     

1. Prepare for College NOW
2. Set Goals and Create a Calendar
3. How can I be the Person Colleges are looking for?
4. How to make Great Scores on those College Entrance Exams
5. Filling out Impressive College Applications
6. How can I get Financial Aid?
7. How can I win a Scholarship?
8. How to Choose a College that right for me?
9. How to choose a College Major
10. College or Not?         

Students with Learning Disabilities:    to be added later   


 Some main pages lead to further pages.

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