Verbal Strategies

Organize Information Verbally

The first step of Study (or Mental Processing) is to Organize the Information. This website suggests five methods for Organizing  Information Verbally and five methods for Organizing Information Visually.

The word “Verbally” means using words.  It could mean you organize the information by speaking about it, or writing  it.  When you write your organization, you can go back and read what you have written.

There are many ways of organizing verbally. On this website  five verbal strategies are described.

On the College Breakthrough Learning website there are twelve strategies listed. If you want to read that, or more about those on this site,  go to

Another way to organize information is Visually. This means something you can see, similar to drawing pictures or using diagrams.  Another section os the website describes five ways of Organizing Information Visually.

The best idea is to organize the information using at least one verbal method and at least one visual method. This will direct the information to be stored in at least two different parts of your brain.

The Verbal Strategies for Organizing information include

Learn with Outlines                  Learn with Summaries            Learn with Reading Notes 

Asking Better Questions          Learn with Explanations

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