The Seven Habits of Successful Students

Your list of the habits of successful students probably isn’t the same as this one, but there are probably areas where the lists cover the same ideas. You might notice that this list began with a very large list of habits, grouped to form these seven areas. The first one, for example, began with physical health and mental health, each with at least four or five separate habits.

As you read these and compare them to your own list, you should also take time to evaluate yourself in each of these areas. You, like many college students might not be getting enough sleep or exercise and not drinking enough water. You should eventually have a list of improvements you need to make. Just KNOWING what you should do doesn’t always lead to USING what you have learned. You won’t be able to make too many changes at once. Choose the ones that seem most important and begin working on them

The Seven Habits

1.    Successful Students start with a Healthy Lifestyle.

They eat healthy food, drink enough water, get regular exercise and enough sleep. These habits don’t just make you feel better; they help your brain develop and you will learn better. Mental health is also important.  Successful students are able to deal with stress and anxiety. They use exercise and other methods of relaxation.

2.    Successful Students set Challenging but Realistic Goals.

These include life goals, long-term educational goals,  short-term learning goals and personal goals in many other areas of their lives.

3.    Successful Students show a Strong Determination to Learn.

They have excellent attendance. They pay attention. They  actively participate in  class discussions. They don’t just want to make good grades. They really want to learn.

4.     Successful Students take Responsibility for their own learning.

They study in places and at time where there are  few interruptions. They finish every assignment carefully and neatly, and turn them in on time.

5.     Successful Students display Positive Attitudes.

These include self-confidence, self-motivation, and determination.

6.     Successful Students make Wise Choices.

They develop a strong sense of personal values and ethics, they use time and resources responsibly, and they avoid problems with addictive substances and behaviors.

7.      Successful Students develop Insightful Social Skills.

They relate well  with parents, teachers, classmates and people of different abilities, ages, and social groups. This includes  respect, being a good listener, and  leadership skills.

How does YOUR List of Habits Compare with these?

Your List might be similar to this list or it might be different. It really doesn’t matter. What is most important is that you evaluate your habits and plan to make needed changes.

Monica is working on her homework, but she keeps thinking about her study habits. She read the list and knows she needs to make several changes.

—  She needs to exercise more often and get more sleep.

—  She needs to do her homework without being reminded.

—  Most of all, she realizes, she needs to work on her relationship with her parents. She decided to start by calling them every Sunday night.

What about you?

Evaluate Yourself:

  • Where are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • List 3-5 habits where you are doing pretty well. We all have some strengths.
  • List 3-5 habits where you really need to make some changes.

Some books treat these areas as study skills.  But, as you will discover in this website, study skills involve much more than this. They involve strengthening basic skills like reading and listening and learning more advanced skills including organizing information, thinking and memory.

The habits described here are important. They lay a strong foundation for developing  study skills. .

BONUS !!!   The Outstanding Student

The 8th habit divides most successful students and the few who are  OUTSTANDING!

8.      An OUTSTANDING Student goes far beyond what is required and looks for challenges.

  • In every subject, they find something interesting and learn more what’s required.
  • They believe Learning is more important than making  Good Grades. 
  • Their goal is to learn and remember, not pass the tests and forget.
  • They read for pleasure, for independent learning, and to improve reading skills.
  • They take the most challenging classes including college classes while in HS.
  • They are always open to different points of view and new ideas. They think carefully before making decisions.
  • They discover learning opportunities beyond the classroom: Travel, Volunteering, Working with a mentor, Starting their own business, Developing new skills.
  • They take charge of their own education. They don’t wait for a teacher to tell them what to learn or how to learn it. They make these decisions for themselves based on personal interests and goals. They are lifetime learners.

Could you become an Outstanding Student?

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  1. I think the idea that learning is more important than grades in really important. I remember studying for tests and then formetting everything.

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