Think College

Think College: Be informed, Make choices,
Be prepared for College – Starting TODAY

You MIGHT think college building: red brick with white trim

  • You aren’t smart enough to go to college.
  • College is too expensive and you won’t be able to go.
  • You don’t want to go to college.
  • Or you might be absolutely certain that  you will go to college.

No matter what you think, you need to begin planning now.

You can make decisions later. If you don’t prepare for college, you might not have that choice later.  Preparing for college will also help you prepare for other choices including vocational training, entering the military, or getting the job you want. Think ahead.

The picture shows a fairly typical college building. Can you picture yourself walking in the front door and going to your class?  Start thinking about it.

When should you start thinking about college?

The answer is TODAY.

Judy’s Story about preparing for college

When I was in seventh grade, I decided to go the MIT because I’d heard it was the best school in the world. I got a copy of their catalog, an application and other materials. (They had no way of knowing I was only 12 years old.) I really don’t suggest that you go that far. (And no, I didn’t end up at MIT – it definitely wasn’t the right school for me.)

But, as I studied this material, I learned several things.

  •  I had to take a test called the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and I’d better be prepared.
  • I would need to list my high school extracurricular activities. What organizations should I join?
  • I would need to write several essays on the application.  Was my writing good enough?
  • I would need to have excellent grades. Could I make high enough grades?  What classes did I need to take?
  • College can be  terribly expensive.  My family didn’t have that kind of money. Could I afford to go? I would need to learn about scholarships.

To read about more what I did to prepare myself and what you should do: My Story

For information about college – and YES, you should read them even if you are just starting Middle School.  Read these pages now. Read them again every year until you start college.

These are the main pages in the section. To see the list of ALL pages, go to College Links. It’s also on the menu.

Read  Step 1.  Prepare for College NOW

Step 2. How Should I Set Goals and Create a Calendar ?

Step 3.  How Can I be the Person Colleges are looking for? 

Step 4. How to make great scores on those Entrance Exams? 

Step 5. How to fill out college applications that lead to acceptance? College Applications

Step 6. How can I get Financial Aid?

Step 7. How can I Win a Scholarship?  

Step 8. How to choose a college that’s right for me? 

Step 9. How to choose a College Major

Step 10.  College or NOT?      How to decide: get a job,  job training, join the military, or go to college?

Or to go to the page showing all pages in this sections,   College Links

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