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You should read these pages, even if you are only in Middle School. You don’t need to choose a college yet. You don’t need to fill out applications for college or for scholarships yet, but —

What you do in the next several years can make a huge difference when you start to make college plans.

YES, you should read these pages, even if you are just starting Middle School.
Read these pages now. Read them again every year until you start college.

Read  Step 1. Thinking About College
Think College Starting Today    the overview: You might have read this already.
Prepare for College NOW 1      for middle school students
Prepare for College 2                for Freshmen and Sophomores
Prepare for College 3                for Juniors and Seniors

Step 2. How to Set Goals and Create a Calendar ?

Step 3.  How Can I be the Person Colleges are looking for? 

Step 4. How to make great scores on those Entrance Exams? 
ACT or SAT   a compare and contrast chart

Step 5. How to Choose a College that’s Right for You

Step 6. How to fill out college applications that lead to acceptance? College Applications

Step 7. How can I get Financial Aid?

Step 8. How can I Win a Scholarship?  

Step 9. How to choose a College Major

Step 10.  College or NOT?      How to decide: get a job,  job training, join military, or go to college?

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